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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cake decorating

A while back, I took a few cake decorating classes at Michael's.  It was really great to try something like this.  I am generally not a creative nor crafty person.  So the idea of decorating a cake was a huge stretch for me.  The interest was brought about by my son's egg allergies.  For his birthday, I had to call around to a lot of different bakeries to try to find one that was willing to try to do an egg-free cake for us and decorate it.  It can be a challenge because the egg-free cakes tend to be more crumbly and harder to decorate.  I figured I may need to decorate my own cakes for him.

That first year, I did finally find a bakery that was willing to do this for us at the last possible moment.  Ater that I took the cake decorating classes.  Here are some of the cakes that I made in class.  (Not egg-free)

This is my very FIRST cake that I decorated. I ran out of time to use more colors, but I think it's pretty good for a first try. Let's hope my future attempts are better!

This was my second cake. The arms look a little funny because they sort of fell off of his body on the ride home from class.

This was my third and final cake for Course 1. I was going to wait a few months at least before going on to course #2. It's actually very time consuming to bake and decorate a cake every week.

Since I took this course, Wilton has completely re-invented their cake decorating classes.  From what I could tell, they now go over things in class like leveling and frosting the cake, which is someting that I could use some help with.  I may try to take the class again in the new format.

1 comment:

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

You must be a natural...those are fantastic!