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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Discovering Smallville

Smallville has been on the WB for 5 seasons now. I just started watching it a few months ago. I never really had an interest in the show, but it suddenly caught my attention. I just happened to have it on and thought it was actually pretty good. That led me to get the first season on DVD. Dave bought it for me. We started watching it and were both hooked! After watching the first season, we went to Best Buy and he bought seasons two through four. I think we spent about two weeks of watching nothing but Smallville. LOL! Now I can't wait for season five to come to DVD in a few months! :-) I'm "Superman crazy"!!!!

Best place I ever lost my keys

I was a manager of a retail store. One morning I happened to park right by a huge storm drain. As I grabbed my keys, they fell from my hands and right into the storm drain. This drain had rushing water going through it, so they were gone in an instant. I think it was like my second week, so I was terrified that I would get fired. But it worked out fine. The District manager just laughed at me and sent me new keys.