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Sunday, June 20, 2010

VTech's new MobiGo

I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Vtech MobiGo which is slated to be released in August.  (It's already available at Toys R Us).  It seems like a pretty neat toy.  My son saw some of the demo videos online and we looked at the list of game titles that will be available.  He has informed me that he wants the Superhero Squad game for his birthday.  I thought it was even more cute to find out that he wants it because his daddy (a police officer) works with Spiderman to fight the bad guys. We went to Toys R Us last weekend and saw the demo version in the store.  I'd like to get it for him, but we do already have the VMotion and the VSmile Pocket.  He really enjoys those games and they are not compatible with the new system.  It will be a tough decision to invest the money on a new game system.  He does already also have a Nintendo DS, but I'd rather have him put that aside for a little while and play more age-appropriate games.


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