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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 - Falling with Style (product review)

My son just got the Toy Story 3 Hot Wheels Falling With Style track.  The concept is absolutely great.  The idea is that this is just like the scene in the first movie (which is replayed in the third one) where Buzz Lightyear is trying to prove that he really can fly and winds up "flying" through Andy's room on the "loopy loop" (as my son calls it).
Here's the problem, the car itself is not balanced correctly, especially with Buzz Lightyear attached to the car, to successfully make it through the loop.  My son has a lot of other Hot Wheel cars, so we tried a few other cars and a lot of those ones did work.  I also had to take a few similar pieces from his old "loopy loop" to make this one work better.  The tabs they include to attach the tracks together is a lot flimsier than the ones we got in the Toys R Us Fast Lane brand double loop.
I think that if you already have other tracks that can work with this, it would be great.  I need to try a few more height options and see if it works better, but so far, the suggested 30 inches did not work too well with just the items in the box.

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