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Monday, September 8, 2008

Faith Freaks

My review:

I have definitely found a personal home on this site. The people that I have found here are very friendly and welcoming. Within the first few days, I had made over 20 friends who actually sent me personal messages, commented on my blogs, and truly seemed to care about me as an individual and not just another number on their “friend list”. After using the site on a regular basis for a few days, what I have noticed is that the people comment on each other’s blogs with a great deal of love and encouragement. Even differing opinions are treated with respect.

As you will read below, the target audience is teens, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place for people of all ages. You will also find people like me – a 34 year old, married, working mother. But browsing through the profiles, it is definitely a predominately teen site. I would certainly reccommend this site to any Christian parents of teen age kids who want to use MySpace.
Nick, the founder that I spoke with is very personable and approachable, as you will notice in the interview below. I think he has a great deal of committment to the site and making it a positive force for teens and Christians in general.
Interview with Nick:

1. What is your name and your role on the site?

My Name is Nick and I am one of the co-founders

2. When was the website founded?

We started last summer (2007)

3. Why did you start the website?

Having been in youth ministry for 15 years, I started to use myspace to keep in touch with kids. It was a great tool but there was lots of filth all over myspace (language, advertising ..etc) and I said to myself these kids are immersed in this culture there has to be a better way, a place that they can connect and not have to wade through all that stuff. Myspace is a great idea but it’s NOT a good place for teens.

4. How many members are on the site?

Currently over 80 thousand And we grow at a rate of over 5 thousand a month!

5. How many members are regular users?

I don’t have exact numbers but enough that we have to continually upgrade our

6. Are there age restrictions on your site?
Yes, You need to be at least 13 years of age

7. Do you have a target audience, such as a certain age group, region, or denomination?

Teenagers =)
8. What are the basic features of the site?
Prayer Boards, Moderated Chat & profiles, music, pictures and lots Prizes (we gave away a brand new laptop a few months ago).
9. Do you have official fan pages for any Christian artists or leaders?

Yes, we actually have a bunch of those

10. What are some features that set you apart from other Christian social networks?

We are youth oriented. Moreover, ministry focused. We try to create an environment for teens to get find resources for help. (so many teens are suicidal, depressed, cutting) 3 million teens in America cut themselves! But we also try to create an environment for teens to grow closer in their walk with God too. In addition, a place for those who don’t know Jesus can find hope and life through a loving non judgmental environment (but we do have guidelines that members MUST adhere too).

11. What is your level of commitment to future success of this site?
If God is for us who can be against us? I have and will continue to work tirelessly to make this site where God can be glorified and people saved and commit to until God says stop. I have mortgaged my home and sold my motorcyle.

12. What can you tell me about your admin team?

We have a staff of committed youth pastors, senior pastosr, Parents , counselors to law enforcement. Who give and give to this ministry.
13. What are your goals for your website?
To continue to be a place for Teens and Gods people
14. Would you consider a merger with other Christian social networking sites if you are unable to get the membership or funding that you hope to attain?

I would consider it, As long as the other site visions and goals line up with ours

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